What & How

Someday stuff includes any loose leads that could have, should have or might be good to get into your database and we make it easy.  If you can send it, we can do it for you!

Spectrum of Solutions

Multiple Formats

We can process a wide range of the most common lead source formats available. 

Corporate Programs

 We tailor our programs to accelerate your lead entry flow and related issues.

Specialized Experience

We've developed our focus on this problem to provide viable solutions for you.


Physical Sources

  • Business Cards
  • Printed Directories
  • Handwritten Entries

Electronic Sources

  • Contacts - Phone, Email & LinkedIn
  • Marketing Lists - Email, Mail & CRM's
  • Existing Spreadsheets, DOC's & PDF's

Less Obvious Sources

  • Online Directory Data Scrapes
  • Inventory Logs & Excel Invoices
  • Survey Forms & Plenty More


1) Send Us Your Stuff

 Mail physical leads and email electronic files   

2) We Make Your List

 We convert your contacts and email your file  

3) Use List to Sell More

 Import your list and start selling more sooner 

How Much

That Depends

Pricing depends on several factors including formats, fields and quantities.

Customized Solutions

We develop seamless processes to support your particular needs and work flow.

Billed On Actuals

Totals are based upon actual work delivered on a per project or monthly basis.


We can give you a better estimate once we understand what you have and need.


Your database should be priceless to you, and we can help you increase its size & value.

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