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Specific $47 Starting Points

Converting Loose Leads - Smart Start Pack

This Deposit applies to any work contracted and creates a formal start for us to work together.  If an estimate is required ... it will help to send us stuff, or give us a call to discuss.  New for you, but all we do!

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List Fixing & Consolidating - Smart Start Pack

To understand what you have & need: 

1) Client Kick-Off - Export & Submit Files + Kick-Off Call 

2) ALLin Audit – Column, Contact & Combining Issues with Fix Lists 

3) Audit Review & Best Next Steps Call - Discuss Files + 30 Day Action Incentives 

Includes Consolidated set of Sheet with limited cleaning updates, as foundation for next steps.

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Open House Entries - Starter Stack Pack

This order gets you started & allows for between 70 & 100 entries based upon the sheets received.
Cost Per Line based on Contact Fields converted.  BASIC INFO @ $0.47 ea.  &  FULL INFO @ $0.67 ea.
FIELDS = BASIC INFO: First, Last, Email + Phone & FULL INFO: Basic Info + Full Address (A/C/S/Z)
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Additional support can be per project or per month billing terms.

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