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Your next best steps are based upon several key factors: clarity of sources & importance, size & scope of your potential projects and readiness to commit to moving forward.

Are You Ready?

If YES = Start Now

If you know what you need to get done ... for the most part

  • Purchase Production Deposit to initiate us working together  
  • Schedule your Clarifications Call to discuss your Project Details

If NO = Do Something

If you are not sure what you need to do next ... commit to by when

  • Organize potential contact sources & inventory Current Database
  • Establish Project Milestones & Timelines plus resources required

Ordering process

1) Decide & Get Started

 Click Here to Order Online 

2) New Client Onboarding

Welcome note with instructions for progress 

3) Send & Receive to Succeed

 We start when you send, let's get going 

Onboarding Support

A. Profile – who are you?

  • Onboarding - Basic Contact Info
  • Payments - Client Direct or Company 
  • File Delivery - Recipients & Templates

B. Project – what do you need?

  • Defining - Sources & Quantities 
  • Delivery – Formats, Fields & Frequency
  • Details - Submit For Bid or Ballparks

C. Progress – by when?

  • Packing – Client Gathering Sources
  • Sending – Client Submitting Sources 
  • Confirming – Verifying Parameters

Sending Stuff

Physical Sources

Mail to: ALLinEntry Processing Center

8410 Gannon Ave., St. Louis, MO 63132  

* Please Remember to Include Your Personal Contact Information in ALL Packages

Electronic Sources

"Your Personal File Uploader Link"

Individual Links Issued Upon Request

* Please DO NOT Email your files directly to us as that could delay us starting for you

Confirming Receipt

We will notify you receipt your order

We will contact you with any questions. 

* Please feel free to email us with addition project details or specific questions

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