OUTSOURED Data Entry Solutions

OUTSOURED Data Entry Solutions

OUTSOURED Data Entry SolutionsOUTSOURED Data Entry SolutionsOUTSOURED Data Entry Solutions

Our Why

Follow Up Drives Profit Up

Sooner is better and otherwise it could be never.

Databases Need Data

Most people hate data entry & loose leads get lost!

We make your data entry easy!!!

Send us your stuff and we'll send you a spreadsheet

Your What

Physical Sources

  • Business Cards
  • Printed Directories
  • Handwritten Entries

Electronic Sources

  • Phone, Email & LinkedIn Contacts
  • Email, Mail & CRM's Export Lists
  • Spreadsheets, DOC's & PDF's

Less Obvious Sources

  • Online Directory Data Scrapes
  • Inventory Logs & Excel Invoices
  • Survey Forms & Plenty More ...

Easy Process

1) Send Us Your Stuff

Inventory your potential contacts and prioritize which ones to focus on first

2) We Make Your List

We will convert and clean-up all the contact info onto one clean spreadsheet

3) Use Lists As Planned

Implement all the marketing plans you intended per audience list created

Best Next Steps

A) Start Sending

We make it easy to get going and will help you along our simple process.

B) Call to Discuss

We can help you assess your situation and develop a plan to help you move forward.

C) Learn More / D-I-Y

We hope you will do something now and encourage you to determine what's next.

FREE "What's Next" Call