List Fixing - Smart Start Pack for $47

It is important to understand that we will ultimately customize a solution specifically around your needs!   

To best support you and create a Win-Win partnership, we do need to take our first few steps together. 

Our first steps are to understand what you have and need done

Simple Process

Client Starts

  • Purchase the program online 
  • Export & submit your files 
  • Kick-Off Call confirming all 

ALLin Audits

  • Column Order Issues & Mods  
  • Contact Info Issues & Mods  
  • Prioritizing Data Needed

We Dicsuss

  • Best Next Steps Coaching Call 
  • 30 Day Action Incentive Offer 
  • 30 Day Progress Check-In Call 


Make Progress

  • Stop just thinking about it 
  • Figure out what's next to do
  • Feel better & let us help you

Realize Potential

  • You've got lots of contacts 
  • It's all about the follow-up
  • They may need you now

Prioritize Projects

  • Even making a dent in it
  • Target low-hanging fruit
  • Develop an overall plan

List Fixing - Smart Start Pack for $47

The goal is to determine what you have & what you need to develop a plan for your progress! 

From there, we can discuss alternatives and potential investments to accomplish your goals!     

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